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Detailed description of the Revna cherry variety


One of the first berries that ripens at the cottage is sweet cherry. It has many fans, thanks to juicy, bright, sweet berries.

Sweet cherry is not a common type of garden tree. This is due to the fact that it is quite vulnerable to frost, to the quality of the soil, but knowing some of the rules of care you can grow a tree even in the most severe climatic conditions. Consider a detailed description of the Revna cherries variety, which is quite popular among summer residents.

Description of a variety of sweet cherry Revna

Revna variety is a variety of sweet cherries, the average ripening period, which was brought out by domestic breeders. Hybrid relative of the variety Bryansk Rose. It was from seedlings of this variety that the Revvn variety was obtained, which was loved by many. The variety is quite new, but managed to win love and recognition.

Sweet cherry variety Revna

The tree is medium in size to 4 meters. The crown is strong, stretched upwards, resembles a pyramid. The shoots are straight, of medium thickness, which quickly increase in growth. Crohn is not very thick. Leaves with pointed edges, round and wide. The color of the foliage is dark green.

Flowering tree in the second half of May. The scent of flowers attracts many insects. White flowers of medium size. The ovary is formed on the bouquet branches. Harvest ripens in about 2.5 months, the collection occurs in the first half of July. The warm season and sunny weather can accelerate ripening.

Cherry color Revna

The berries are dark red in color of medium size, the shape is round and slightly flattened. The skin is thick and glossy. The flesh is a dense consistency of bright red color, juicy, sweet. More than 30 kg of berries can be collected from a single tree.. Stone of medium size, oval shape, light brown color. The pulp is separated from the bone well. On healthy trees it is quite difficult to find deformed and different sized fruits. The stem is small and well separated from the berry.

Use fresh fruits, as they have a rich taste and are rich in nutrients.. It is possible to consume the fruits and not only fresh, they make delicious jam and jam.

The variety is partially self-fertile, so without pollinators, the yield can be only a few percent. Varieties of pollinators such as: Venyaminova, Compact, Iput, Ovtuzhenka are suitable for the variety of Reva cherry cherries.


The variety has advantages that make a variety popular among gardeners:

  1. High winter hardiness compared with other varieties of sweet cherries. If in the fall to take care of additional shelter the tree can transfer frosts up to 25 degrees. It is not only wood that copes with frost resistance, but also flowers. They easily withstand short-term frost. It is worth noting that the tree and fruits are resistant to cold and sunburn.
  2. High yield.
  3. Simplicity in growing.
  4. because of late flowering probability of destruction of the crop by frost is excluded.
  5. Not a few important advantage is transportation. Berries tolerate transportation. During harvest, they are not injured at the place of separation from the tree, even if the stalk remains in place. Fruits rarely crack.
Revna variety cherry is easily transported
  1. Berry differs from other fruits with aromatic, juicy pulp. It is sweet, dense, without fibers. The stone is small, it separates well.
  2. Cherries resistant to pathogenic fungi and bacteria. Especially it concerns coccomycosis.


  1. Fruiting begins only in the fifth year of life of the seedlingwhich is put on a permanent place.
  2. The variety is self-infertile. The harvest will be, but minimal. In order to get the maximum yield, pollinating trees are needed.

Planting and care

In order to plant a tree you need to take into account certain rules. For planting Revna variety choose a sunny plot and the south side. Then the tree will be able to enjoy a rich harvest. In the lowlands with cool air and close groundwater, the tree will be bad fruit and grow. The ideal soil for the plant is sandy earth and loam.

Choose a place for a sweet cherry so that the distance between the trees is at least three meters.

We choose the time for landing

The best time to plant is spring. Young annual saplings have long shoots that are highly susceptible to harsh winters. therefore it is not recommended to plant or replant trees in autumn. They simply will not suffer a harsh cold winter.

Spring planting of cherries is carried out after thawing of the soil. And this happens around the beginning of April, when the air temperature is above zero. With planting, do not tighten, otherwise the sapling will not have time to settle down in a new place, before bud break. If you missed the spring landing, then you can plant at any time, before the onset of heat. But it is worth considering that the sapling must have a closed root system.

Selection of seedlings

For planting, choose annual and biennial seedlings. When buying, pay attention to the availability of graft graft site. That he will contribute to the development of the cherries that you want to grow.

When choosing a sweet cherry seedling, pay attention to the place of inoculation

A sapling, on which there is no place for vaccination, says that it is grown from a stone. Therefore, it will grow out of his wilderness, and not a varietal tree. When buying, pay attention to the root system, which must be developed. Roots must be alive. If they are dry, the seedling will not take root. If you have missed this moment and the dried roots are still there, put the seedling in the water just before planting.

Sapling chose the time to plant

  1. Prepare a pit in advance. Planting a tree is better in mid-April, after the earth thaws.
  2. The land that was removed from the pit to mix with manure or compost. Pour the prepared substrate into the bottom of the slide.
  3. Insert a wooden peg at the edge of the pit., which will fix only planted seedlings.
  4. Sapling before planting a little shake to spread the roots. Place the tree in the middle of the dug hole. Before backfilling, make sure that its neck is 5 cm above the soil surface and the roots are flattened.
  5. Pit half-filled pitAlign the barrel and tie it to the stake. Water the tree. After that, you can fill the pit completely.
Favorable time for planting cherries - spring

As for watering the tree is not whimsical. The most important thing is to prevent overflow and drying of the soil. Watering should be done several times a month.. During a drought it is increased. Young trees are watered right in the circle of the tree. For adult trees, it is better to make the crown diameter grooves about 30 cm deep and pour water there.

Tree pruning is an important procedure.. The first pruning process should be carried out the second year after planting. The crown is formed only by sharp garden tools. Places of cuts need to be processed by garden pitch. Cherry begins to bear fruit only on the 6th year after planting. The tree grows very quickly, so pruning is needed. It is performed in early spring, before the beginning of sap flow and bud break. Young shoots should be shortened by 1/5 of the length, old trees can be cut by 2/3, depending on the age of the tree. It is also necessary to inspect the tree and remove dry or damaged shoots.

Top dressing with fertilizers

Top dressing is carried out by urea, phosphorus and superphosphate. Manure is considered the best fertilizer.. Top dressing with humus should not be more than once a year. Fertilize the plant is necessary in the spring and autumn. It is recommended to supplement top dressing with organic and mineral fertilizers. In the second year of life, the tree is fertilized with nitrate. In the fall, top dressing is carried out by superphosphates.

For tree growth it is necessary to fertilize the soil with ashes. It is scattered during digging, not more than 300 grams per square meter.

Like all trees, cherries must be prepared for harsh winters. Preparation for all trees is almost the same, so the first thing in the fall is to cut out all the dry branches, dig up the ground around the tree and water it abundantly. The trunk must be tied with fir branches or cloth. Thus, we will protect the tree from rodents.

We warm the trunk of a young sweet cherry for the winter

If the tree is young, it must be well tied to a peg. This will protect it from strong winds so that it does not bend from the winds and under the weight of snow.

Diseases and pests of sweet cherry

Jealousy is well opposed to fungal diseases, but, like all trees, it can be affected by various pests and viral diseases. When pests appear, it is worth treating with universal preparations for stone trees.. Spraying is needed before flowering, and after the cherry blossoms. If you notice pests on a tree, leaves or fruits, then the best way to deal with them is to choose an individual one.

If pests occur on the tree, it should be treated.

Revna sweet cherry variety is a small tree that gives a rich harvest of delicious berries. The main time to carry out watering, fertilizing and pruning a tree. And, of course, be sure to plant some good pollinators for cherries, and then you will be pleased with a rich harvest.