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Instructions for use of the drug solikoks for birds


Solicoks is an effective treatment for coccidiosis. and many other bird diseases. This drug is used both for therapy and for prophylaxis, the detailed instructions for use of which can be found below.

What diseases are used for?

Basically The drug is used in the fight against all sorts of coccidia:

  • adenoids;
  • acervulina;
  • perforans;
  • E. maxima;
  • E. tenella;
  • E. brunetti;
  • E. gallopavonis;
  • E. mitis and others.
Chick Coccidiosis

All of these coccidia cause coccidiosis.

Coccidiosis - the defeat of the younger generation of poultry by parasites that enter the young's stomach through food, water, and dishes.

What are the dosages

For birds use 2 ml. drug that is mixed with a liter of water. The finished solution using a dispenser issued to the bird. In some cases, 10 liters of water are used per liter of solikox, that is, 1 to 100%.

It is very important to observe the correct dosage and carefully read the instructions.

As used for chicks, instruction

For chickens

Solicox is referred to drugs that are not toxic, its can be combined with other medicines. Apply at temperature and high humidity, after heat stroke. In two weeks soldered diluted solution according to the dosage. If the chickens have diarrhea, then it is first removed by conventional means for humans: one tablet of chloramphenicol per liter of water, which is pre-boiled.

Chick vaccination

For goslings

If the goslings had contact with a dirty bird or there were suspicions of pseudo-slime, then as a therapy or as a preventive measure. use solikox with food or drink.

Goslings eat food with solikoksom

For poults

Turkey poults since childhood are very gentle in nature and care should be given to them to the maximum. Solikox, in this case, it is desirable to give as a prophylacticto prevent coccidia infection. If the infection has occurred, then the drug can be included in therapy.

Turkey poults near the feeders

All of the above methods are used in the treatment and prevention of other birds.

The drug retains its positive qualities, once in the water, during the day, so you should not make a large amount of solution and change it every 24 hours.

Application for adult birds

A sick bird can be distinguished by some features: she closes her eyes, draws in her head, eats badly, looks disheveled, droppings like diarrhea. To prevent infection, it is recommended to clean the yard more often, where the walking of the bird takes place. Also give a solution of solicox with food or drink for two days.

In order to prevent an adult bird is drunk with the preparation once every sixty days. This will help avoid contamination of the entire livestock.

Side effects

Solicox is not toxictherefore, side effects are almost not observed. Even in the case of an overdose, poisoning occurs in exceptional cases.


This drug no contraindicationsexcept personal intolerance.

Pharmacological properties

The main substance in the composition is Diclazurilwhich is non-toxic. It effectively affects different types of coccidia in birds, pigs, cows, rabbits and other domestic and not only animals. It can be used much longer than other similar drugs that are used in veterinary medicine.

Solikox represents high viscosity fluid and in 1 ml. contains 2.5 ml. Diklazurila. At non-sexual stages of parasite formation, the solution acts much more productively.


The drug completely leaves the body of an animal or bird within five days. after the last intake. In this regard, the drug is used until slaughter.

Solikox does not cause mutation, does not contain carcinogens and has no teratogenic action. It is recommended to add it to the feed and dilute it with a drink, before rinsing the dishes well. Also, the drug is well combined with many medicines for animals, vitamins, antibiotics, which is very convenient.

Why birds need prevention solikoksom

Drug prevention carry out for all types of birds, it is:

  • Chickens;
  • Geese;
  • Ducks;
  • Pigeons;
  • Turkeys

Especially this process is relevant at an early age. Poultry and not only susceptible to coccidiosiswhich can be fatal and cause an epidemic among the entire population. Parasites are transmitted with food, drink. They can be on the dishes and become more active after rain.

Therefore, in addition to prevention medications recommend perform the following manipulations:

  • Periodical cleaning of the yardespecially after rain using disinfectants;
  • Daily processing of tableware and equipmentthat are used for feeding;
  • Change of drink and feed with solikox, every 24 hours;
  • Shield from contact with wild birds.
Poultry Prevention

All these actions will help keep the bird healthy and alive. It is very important to start worrying about the health of your pets from the very birth. For this prophylaxis is carried out two weeks after the appearance of chicks to light and repeat in a month.

Solikox kills parasites and does not allow to infect a bird. In the early stages of the disease, vitamins are used, if the disease has passed into a more complex stage, then it is combined with antibiotics.

If side effects have been noticed, the drug is discontinued.

Positive aspects of the drug

  • Easy to apply;
  • Can be combined with other drugs;
  • It mixes easily with any food;
  • Does not linger in the body birds and well hatched;
  • Easy to purchase in veterinary pharmacies;
  • It has no contraindications. and side effects.

Negative side of the drug

  • If a very long time to violate the dosage, then poisoning can occurbut it is in exceptional cases;
  • Slaughter should take place only five days after the last use of the agent;
  • Preferably before and after working with the drug. wash hands thoroughly;
  • It can not be a panacea for a complex course of the disease.

What threatens coccidiosis

Coccidiosis, a veterinary disease that has led scientists for a long time to come up with new drugs to fight it. The disease develops in the intestine due to the ingestion of disease-causing parasites.. They destroy the tissues of the main organ of digestion and lead to infection.

Coccidiosis in birds

If the disease is acute, the chickens die on the fourth day after infection. All this can turn into an epidemic that can carry away other healthy chicks, if they are not removed from the sick individual in time and preventive measures taken.

Unfortunately, the parasite is always present on the farm where cattle and poultry are bred and completely avoid them is not possible. Therefore, prevention is necessary.

Solikox is considered an excellent preventive agent to be added to feed and drink. The drug helps to avoid negative consequences and infection with coccidiosis.. Frequent use of the drug will help avoid losses in poultry farms and in private farms.