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Instructions for use of the drug baikal em1


Baikal EM-1 is not a fertilizer in the traditional sense of the word. It is a concentrate of beneficial microorganisms that improve the soil and promote plant development. The letters EM mean "effective microorganisms", and the name "Baikal" indicates their origin - from the Baikal region.

Fertilizer release form

On sale you can find two versions of the drug for the garden.

  1. Concentrate uterine with sleeping microorganisms - for the manufacture of a concentrated solution with active organisms. It is packaged in a small white bottle with a yellow cap, packed in an orange box. Volume - 30 ml (manufacturer OOO "EM-Cooperation"). Volume - 40 ml (from the company "Argo").
  2. Concentrate solution with active microorganisms. Before use it is diluted in water. It is packaged in white bottles (from plastic) with green caps (these caps are measured - they hold 5 ml). Volumes: 100, 250, 500 ml and 1 liter. The manufacturer is only EM-Cooperation LLC.
There are no other official packages for EM-1. Each package is equipped with a special hologram, barcode. Be careful, there are fakes.
Forms of release of a preparation baikal em-1 - a concentrate in big and small large bottles

The composition of the drug

The idea of ​​technology belongs to the Japanese. At the end of the twentieth century, and Russian scientists created an EM drug with a complex of microscopic organisms. It contains a concentrate of beneficial bacteria, yeast and fungi (8 dozen varieties), as well as their metabolic products. MA potent composition is viable with and without oxygen access; not capricious in the choice of food, aimed at fast work.

Microbiological agents (Baikal, Radiance) are created NOT for single use. They are an element of the system of "organic live farming".

Mechanism of action

Many modern land sites are depleted and poisoned; few valuable inhabitants remain in the soil layer. Introduced EM begin to multiply rapidly, releasing biological substances (amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, etc.). Therefore:

  • primordial microflora is activated, decomposing organic matter;
  • stimulates the development of plants;
  • pathogens are partially suppressed.
The earth becomes healthy and fertile for 3-5 years. The effect begins to appear in the first months.
Baikal em-1 mini-concentrate, ready for breeding

Expected results

The technology has become popular thanks to real achievements.

  1. Organic residues quickly turn into compost (2-6 weeks).
  2. The nutrient layer of soil (humus) for 3 years becomes three times thicker and richer.
  3. Earth acquires friability, optimal moisture capacity.
  4. The soil is made a little warmer, and it accelerates the phases of plant development (earlier flowering and fruiting).
  5. Plants are less sick, successfully resist attacks of pests and weather disasters.
  6. The amount of the harvest increases (approximately - by half; the result is variable).
  7. Product quality is significantly improved by various indicators: color, taste, sugar content, starchiness, fullness of vitamins and proteins, longevity, etc.
  8. Ecology is being restored.
  9. Greenhouse ground is improving.
  10. Decorative cultures look more beautiful.

And this is not a complete list of the consequences of the competent application of Baikal EM-1.

Instructions for use of Baikal EM-1

Instructions for use means quite simple. If you need a little drug, it is easier to buy ready-made "live" concentrate in a bottle with a green cap. When large volumes are needed, it is more profitable prepare the tool yourself from the uterine ("sleeping") concentrate:

  1. Pour into the tank water without chlorine (natural or settled, filtered) with a temperature of about + 25 degrees.
  2. Pour 30-40 ml of masterbatch there, add 100 ml of special EM-molasses (commercially available) or 6-8 tablespoons of honey (jam, sugar); stir
  3. Pour the mixture into plastic bottles. right at the neck. Immediately close the lids. It is desirable that the process went without air.
  4. Put the containers for 4-7 days in a dark place with a temperature of +20 +30 degrees (not higher than + 40). Every 2 days you need to open the lids (so that the gases are gone) and immediately close again.
The process of awakening of microorganisms, their rapid reproduction in a nutrient medium (FALLING). The final product should have a pleasant sourish flavor.

The finished concentrate solution is stored in a dark cool place (not in the refrigerator) for 6-8 months (not longer than a year). With further use, dilute with non-chlorinated water. Similarly, come with bottles (with green caps), bought in the store.

Instructions for use of the drug baikal um-1

Spheres of use of the finished concentrate

With it, produced:

  1. EM solution for different purposes.
  2. EM compost: a lot of organic water is poured over with a solution - half a glass of concentrate to a bucket of water plus half a glass of jam.
  3. EM extract (fertilizer herbal concentrate-infusion): half a liter of concentrate per 30 liters of water-herbal mixture plus half a liter of jam.
  4. Urgasa (fermented food waste).
  5. EM-5 (protection against pathogens): mix half a glass of Baikal concentrate, jam, vodka and table vinegar (not essences), 3 glasses of water. Keep the week warm, in a dark plastic bottle with a cap. To scare off pests and prevent diseases: 1-3 tsp of the mixture is diluted in a bucket of water and sprayed with plants once a week (more often if threatened).

Terms and methods of processing

This tool has a wide range of action. Dosages are different.


The concentrate is shaken and poured into water, sometimes a little jam is added. Mixtures allow to stand for several hours in a warm shaded place, then use (during the day, a maximum of three days). Before spraying, filter (through gauze).

Start of breeding Baikal EM-1 concentrated fertilizer for spilling beds

Scheme of work with the solution

I. Zipping:

  • seeds (except radishes, radishes) for 1 hour - 5 ml per 10 l. water;
  • planting material for 15 minutes - 10 ml per bucket of water (or replace by spraying with twice the concentration of the solution).

II.The soil tide:

  • seedling soil (20 days before sowing): 30 ml per bucket of water;
  • in the spring the land in the greenhouse and open ground (7-15 days before sowing, planting): half a glass on a bucket of water at 6 square meters. meters;
  • after flowering, tree trunks bushes and trees: 20 ml per 5 sq. m water bucket. meters;
  • in the autumn on ridges freed from plants: half a cup on a bucket of water (abundantly, repeatedly);
  • in the autumn moisture charging for trees, bushes (including grapes): 15 ml per 10 l. water.

III. Watering and spraying all plants 2-5 times a month during the whole season (bushes after flowering and until mid-August): 10 ml per bucket of water. Watering 2-5 liters per 1 square. meter; spraying until wet foliage.

Important limitations

  1. Overdose can lead to inhibition of plants.
  2. Baikal Do not water plants with a weak or broken root system:
  • immediately after transplantation (wait 3 weeks);
  • young shoots (up to three weeks of age);
  • rooting cuttings, whiskers, layering;
  • specimens with diseased, rotten roots.
Baikal EM-1 is not recommended for use on plants with a weak root system.

The working conditions of microorganisms

Little assistant farmers need to provide a comfortable environment.

Main factors:

  1. Food. Organisms work only in the presence of organic matter: this is their food. They will not be able to turn clean sand or bare clay into the soil.
  2. Moisture.Mandatory wet substrate.
  3. No chemicals. Pernicious: bleaching powder, synthetic detergents, many mineral fertilizers, pesticides (toxic chemicals).
  4. Heat. "Kids" are active at a temperature not lower than +10 degrees. Partially dying out at +45 degrees, die when boiled, in a fire.

Compatibility with other tools in the garden

Manufacturers do not recommend mixing Baikal and inorganic substances.

  1. The joint introduction of EM-1 and any chemicals, including chemical fertilizers, is prohibited.
  2. The tool has an acid reaction, it is not necessary to knead it in one container with alkalis (ash, lime).
  3. It should not be combined with immunostimulants, biological fungicides and insecticides: it is difficult to predict the consequences.
  4. Organic farming does not reject the enrichment of the soil with microelements, but adding them to the EM solution is not worth it.
Baikal EM-1 successfully works in conjunction with organic fertilizers - manure, droppings, compost, herbal extract.
The drug is not recommended for use with any fertilizers of chemical origin.

Technology flaws

There are certain difficulties in the implementation of the "organic" approach.

  1. This is a "long-running" project. There is no quick and vivid result.
  2. Acquisition of the drug involves certain financial costs.
  3. Baikal EM-1 is more profitable to use in the framework of the full system of "organic live farming". For many people, this requires a serious restructuring of the usual way (refusal of chemicals, green manuring, mulching, etc.).
  4. Only living organisms are effective. If the tool is damaged (at any stage of production or storage), there will be no sense.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Uterine concentrate is stored no longer than a year (from the date of issue) at a temperature of from +10 to +25 degrees.

Concentrated solution with live bacteria spend over a year, and better for six months. Efficiency decreases with time. Storage temperature from +10 to + 25 degrees (no higher than + 40 or in the refrigerator). We must protect from the sun's rays. The formation of a small draft is allowed. The smell is normal - sour-pleasant; putrid - indicates damage.

The diluted concentrate is used during the day (maximum - three).

After dilution, baikal em-1 is recommended to be used during the day.


The preparation Baikal EM-1 belongs to the IV class of danger. This means that it is completely harmless to humans and the environment. If you drink a large amount of peroxidized solution, the result will be comparable to the body's reaction to acidic kvass.

Some owners are skeptical of EM technology. On the one hand, it is criticized by adherents of the traditional way of life: with compost and watering, the crop will grow without additional costs. On the other hand, fans of modern achievements of agro-chem consider the rejection of "chemistry" unprofitable. In any case, Baikal EM-1 is a chance to think about the ecology of agriculture. And the way to use the tool is very simple.