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Instructions for use of potassium humate


Potassium humate is used in agriculture as a universal natural stimulant. It is used in micro doses and acts on plants like hormones and fertilizers. Improves soil properties. Further in the article we will consider in detail why they are needed and how they act on the soil.

About humates as a fertilizer and why they are needed

This is one of the varieties of humic substances that are contained in decomposed organics. - soil, humus, peat, silt, as well as in petrified forms - coal deposits. Humic acids are extracted from such concentrated organics, and then treated with potassium or sodium alkali. Soluble natural salts are obtained - humates of potassium and sodium.

There are no significant differences between the two substances. They are close in properties and can mutually replace each other.

Potassium humate has a neutral acidity and a slightly wider spectrum of action. Allows mixing with many other products, enrichment with microelements. Very effective in the treatment of seeds and tubers, rooting cuttings.

Sodium humate is usually a bit cheaper than its "brother". It has an alkaline reaction. Successfully protects plants from stress (cold, drought, attack of pathogens).

Potassium humate packaging
The difference between these forms is minimal, much more important is product quality. Only those drugs that are fully digested and have an optimal concentration are effective. That is why it is recommended to purchase goods only from the most reliable, large manufacturers.

Any company can mix ordinary peat with water and call their creation "humic fertilizer." Formally, this will be true: humic substances are present. But the performance is dubious.

Advantages of quality humates

  1. Low price.
  2. High profitability (profit up to 50 rubles per 1 ruble of expenses).
  3. Unlimited shelf life.
  4. Ease of use.
  5. Environmental Safety.
  6. Harmlessness in overdose.
  7. No time limits during the season.
  8. The possibility of joint introduction with many other drugs.
  9. Positive effect on any plants, at any stage of their development.

Mechanism of action

Molecules of humic compounds able to work like activated carbon. They attract and bind other molecules. Thus, poisons in the soil are neutralized, and substances that prevent germination are “pulled out” of the seeds. Humic complexes affect the membranes of plant cells: food penetrates, and diseases are blocked. Inside the plants all metabolic processes are activated.

Effects of the use of the drug potassium humate breather

The soil

  • Dense soils become looser, and lightweight better retain nutrients.
  • Activated beneficial soil microflora.
  • Various poisons, toxins, heavy metals, and radioactive isotopes become less active and even neutralized.

Cuttings, seedlings - better rooted and take root.

Seeds, tubers, rhizomes, bulbs

  • Germination increases, the speed (2-4 days) and germination energy increase.
  • Seedlings and shoots are strong.
  • Formed more lush root system (50%).
Potassium humate concentrate in a package with instructions for use


  • Nutrients are better absorbed (by 20-40%).
  • Earlier flowering and ripening of the crop are observed (for 3-15 days).
  • Decorativeness, PRODUCTIVITY increase (by 10-45%).
  • Less disease (20-40%) and damage by pests.
  • The effectiveness of pesticides increases, but their harmful effects are reduced.
  • Fixed successful resistance to any stress (heat, cold, drought, etc.).
  • In a crop there is less nitrates and toxins, it is more than nutrients; higher rates of transportability and stability (by 15-30%).
The best results are achieved with an integrated approach: pre-sowing treatment (seeds and soil), followed by irrigation and spraying (2-6 times per season).

The effect of the stimulator is more pronounced on problem lands, in bad weather, but less noticeable on chernozem in prosperous years.

Forms of release

The drug is produced by many firms. The range is very large. There are also various forms of the drug:

  1. Liquid concentrate.
  2. Dry powder or granules.
  3. Paste.
  4. Gel.

Reputable manufacturers guarantee high quality of any option. The choice should be made on the basis of convenience. The full line of these products is manufactured by the Russian scientific and production company Bash Incom "under the Gumi brand."

  • Dry preparation bring directly to the ground (in bulk). This is especially beneficial in large areas where liquid application is problematic.
  • Liquid concentrate gradually spend during the season. Bottles are usually bought by owners of small plots of land, indoor growers.
  • From a financial point of view, profitable pasta: it produces a lot of liquid concentrate.
  • Gel produced by the latest technology. Its molecules are very active. The work is similar to pasta.

Experts consider high-quality paste and gel the most effective forms of humic stimulants.

The drugs go on sale both in pure form and in combination with other substances. Examples: Humate-containing urea, Fitosporin, mixtures with trace elements.

General instructions for use

The method of application is very simple. Funds from different manufacturers differ in name and percentage of nutrients. They are used according to the specific instructions supplied. But there are general principles of work.

Potassium humate gel

Dosage for liquid and dry preparation

  • For soaking seeds, tubers, rhizomes, bulbs, saplings and cuttings - accuracy of concentration and time of exposure are important. We must act on the recommendations on the package. For example, Energen Aqua (from the company "Green Belt"): 25 drops per half glass of water - soak the seeds of tomatoes for 4 hours.
  • Dry forms bring to the ground when digging or scattering on top, from 1 to 5 g per 1 sq. km. meter (maximum - when contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals, radiation).
A teaspoon "with a slide" contains about 3 grams of dry drug.
  • When watering spend 100 liters of solution per 10 square meters. meters, when spraying plants - about 1 l per 10 square meters. meters (until complete wetting of the leaves, preferably from the bottom too).

Ways to prepare a solution

Dry water or liquid concentrate is diluted in water (it is bought ready-made or made from a paste or gel). Water quality and temperature do not play a big role.

The standard solution for watering and spraying is usually the color of weak tea or beer. Permissible to breed "by eye".

If the prepared solution contains suspended particles, it is filtered through gauze to spray it (otherwise the sprayer will be clogged).

Operating schedule

  1. In the spring (it is possible through melting snow or when digging), a dry preparation is spread throughout the garden. Either watered separate beds with a solution before sowing and planting. The procedure is repeated in the fall on lands that are contaminated with chemicals.
  2. A compost pile is flavored with a solution several times during the season.
  3. Any seeds, tubers, rhizomes, bulbs, seedlings are soaked in a solution before sowing (planting). It is proved that for vegetables it not only stimulates germination, but also has a positive effect in the future - it gives an increase in yield.
  4. Seedlings are sprayed before picking, transfer to a permanent place. When landing, watered with a solution under the root.
  5. Cuttings soaked before laying on rooting, seedlings - before planting.
  6. All cultivated plants can be watered and sprayed with a stimulant several (2-6) times per season, no more than once a week.
Preparation of potassium HUMATE solution

The works are timed to the phases of budding, formation of ovaries, the initial stage of fruit loading, as well as to stressful situations. Processing stops for 10-14 days before picking fruits and vegetables. You can alternate the root and foliar application, combine with various fertilizers, pesticides.

It is not recommended to mix potassium humate with calcium nitrate and phosphate fertilizers (useless compounds are formed).

Storage and Precautions

Humic substances are of natural origin, but they are not alive, they show chemical and physical resistance. Preparations can have guaranteed shelf life, but the real shelf life is not limited.

They belong to the IV class of danger, that is safe as earth or peat.

Gardeners reviews

Chernyavskaya T. I. (Moscow region): "I grow tomatoes for sale. Neighbors wonder why my vegetables ripen much earlier than theirs. They think they know a special secret, but the matter is in the potassium humate. In the prompter preparation, I first soak the seeds, I water the seedlings when landing in the greenhouse, then spray 2 times a month. I use 15 grams per 10 liters of water. "

Fomenko N. V.: "Many people think that Altai is a clean region, but we have lands contaminated by radiation and other chemicals. Local scientists advise to put soil Humate in potassium. Their experiments have shown that vegetables then grow more useful."

Watering plants with potassium humate solution

Komarov V.K. (Chelyabinsk): “It is known that the cuttings of some conifers root hard, even Heteroauxin does not help. I can only persuade the most“ stubborn ”by soaking in the potassium humate”.

Turik S. (Kemerovo region): “Six years ago I became fascinated with growing grapes. I get good brushes on three varieties. I decided to propagate them by cuttings, but this did not succeed last season. Experienced winegrowers advised to use Humate potassium as a stimulant. 80% of cuttings rooted this year And our husbandmen also spray the bushes with this drug. This increases the sugar content of the berries. "

Karachunova U. (Ryazan): "I noticed that with regular use of Humate potassium, petunias and begonias bloom much more magnificently."