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Detailed description of the monarch grape variety


Monarch grape is a unique variety that will always delight with its pleasant sweet taste. This grape variety is successfully used in winemaking, thanks to its sophisticated flavor. Description and characteristics of the vine and berries are presented below.

Description of the grape variety Monarch

The monarch was obtained by crossing the Cardinal and Talisman grapes by the famous modern breeder E.G. Pavlovsky living in the Krasnodar Territory. In breeding the variety, the genetic material of various varieties in the form of mixed pollen was used. Pollen processed the stigmas of the parent forms.

  • Не имеет иммунитета к фитопатологическим заболеваниям - мучнистая роса, оидиум
  • Если проводить обрезку во время цветения сильно осыпаются завязи, так же стоит не сажать растение на территории подверженной ветрам
  • Укрытие на зиму в регионах, где температура опускается ниже минус 20°С

Посадка растения

Plant grapes should be annual seedlings, as well as can be grown from seed. But this is a long process and not always successful.

Choosing a place

If the site already grows solanaceous, horseradish, corn, sorrel, parsley, clematis, calendula, etc. (crop compatibility with each other), then you should not plant grapes next to it.

This culture loves the sun and does not tolerate shading. Therefore, the south or west side of the plot is suitable. The place you need to choose protected from the wind.

  • Шпалерный способ
  • Полевой способ

С помощью шпалер можно регулировать высоту и ширину виноградника подходит для приусадебных участков.

Полевой способ говорит сам за себя, там тоже присутствую шпалеры. Но виноградники располагаются в длинный ряд, занимая огромные плантации. Высота не превышает 1,5 метра.

Растения при посадке должны располагаться более чем на 1 м друг от друга.


Plant care:

  1. Watering is carried out depending on climatic conditions. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the soil and the plant, as well as to draw up a watering schedule, which will also take into account rainfall.
  2. Application of mineral fertilizers 4 times a season. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium in the spring; then repeat at the beginning of the years; potassium, phosphorus at the end of summer; repeat in late autumn.
  3. Organic fertilizer under the mulch layer, twice in the spring, 2 times in the summer.
  4. Trimming three types: sanitary, at the beginning of development - forming and rejuvenating in the old vineyard.

Breeding methods

Reproduction occurs vegetatively and generatively. Generative reproduction is the formation of seeds. Vegetative reproduction with cuttings and layering.

Also, to create a more durable and strong plants using the graft of one variety to another. Thus, for example, grapes of the best in taste cannot fully develop in arid zones. In order for it to bear fruit well, it should be grafted onto wild grapes with a more powerful horse system.

Diseases and pests

The most dangerous disease for grapes is powdery mildew. To combat it, there are chemical, biological and folk methods that can be used in small quantities.

Vineyard pests: Turkish skosar, biennial grape moth, grape varieties, grape mealy worm, garden spider mite. Pest control is to comply with agronomic standards, if necessary, the use of biological and chemical preparations.

It should be concluded that Monarch grapes are easy to grow and have a lot of positive qualities.. It is significantly difficult to work with this variety because it is not regionalized, hence the difficulty in choosing a suitable region.