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3 ways to make dried carp for lovers of salty


When you want to eat something such, the body requires the necessary vitamins, should be stocked up with healthy foods or cook them yourself. For example, dried carp, especially grown in its own pond, with its gentle, rich, even slightly sweet meat enriches the body with vitamins B12, C, B1, B3, B6. Its use helps to strengthen the teeth, carp is useful for the nervous and digestive systems, and also prevents the formation of cancer cells. At the same time, dried fish contains only 139 kcal per 100 g.

The specifics of cooking dried carp at home

The final result depends on the selection of fish.

Before straining, you should carefully examine the catch for signs of staleness. A spoiled product may have an unpleasant, sharp smell, damage to the scales, and yellowness of the abdomen. When salting and drying should follow certain rules to properly extend the shelf life.

Drying differs from drying by the following features:

  1. The presence of the sun. Dried fish is left when cooked in the sun, and dried in a dark, cool place.
  2. The structure of the fish. Drying changes the structure, and during drying only moisture is removed.
  3. Residual moisture. If in the dried product it is 12 - 20%, then in dried ─ 35 - 45%.
A sufficient amount of vitamins and macronutrients necessary for the body remains in the dried carp.

The first stage of drying is to salt the product. First you need to wash the catch and cut the specimen along the ridge. Then gut, removing the head, if you need to other dishes, it is important not to hook the gallbladder, because the product will deteriorate. Take the container and start salting. Depending on the amount, add salt according to the recipe (about 1.5 kg. Salt per 10 kg. Carp), if you want to make food more spicy, you can add a teaspoon of chili pepper to the salt.

Then the container filled with fish (should be laid sideways, the tail one near the head of the second, and pour salt on top of the carp) close and put under a press for 8 days. After they take out and rinse each fish under running water, all unnecessary salt will be washed off, because the carp has already been soaked and salted. At the last stage, the fish is left for 3-4 hours on a dry towel to glass the water.

Ways of salting and curing carpbut

Independently fade carp in three ways.

The most popular methods of carp drying are drying in an electric dryer or in the open air, if the weather permits (rainfall should not fall on the products). If it is cooking at home, then it is best to use an oven. The first two options are good in that they let the fish get enough to drink and be well worn, to remove excess moisture. In the open air with rays hitting the carp, fat is released, which adds shine and adds flavor.

How to cook dried fish in the oven

It is advisable to stick to the recipe.

For the preparation of carp used the traditional method of salting layers. Put the product in a container and cover with a heavy object for a day. After that, wash the fish and dry it with dry towels. Make thin cuts on the carp, so that it turns out to be dried, and not boiled or steamed.

Place on a baking sheet, covered with parchment paper in advance, fish and put in the oven. To languish fish with the door open and a temperature of 40 degrees for about 7-8 hours, depending on the size of the fish. After cooking, the carp "ventilates" in the open air during the day.

Cooking time depends on the size of the fish

Due to the low temperature and the door ajar, moisture leaves and the fish is dried. Of the minuses of the method ─ large energy consumption, insufficiently saturated taste. This method of drying allows you to cook your favorite dish at home.


This method involves two stages: the first is salting, the second is languishing outdoors. The first stage is carried out as in other methods, but 4–15 days are allotted for salting, depending on the weight of the fish.

Hang the fish preferably away from the hands and claws

After drying, the fish is strung on a thin string or rope through the eye holes and suspended from the rope in the open air. Due to the wind and the sun, moisture leaves and the fish is dried. The best time for such a method is March-April or the end of October, when flies or insects did not spoil the products - this is a minus of the method. Cover the fish with gauze and leave for 14 days.

In the electric dryer

The drying process in the electric drier

Prepare the carp for drying with the salting method, cutting it along the ridge. Then turn on the electric dryer, for example, VOLTERA 1000 Lux, and lay out the fish and dry at a temperature of 55-60 degrees. Due to the heating of the fish air flow from the hot TENA. When the carp is ready, hang it in the open air. This method allows you to quickly and easily prepare the fish, but you should be prepared for the fact that the dryer may not be suitable for power and not to dry the fish.

After the fish is cooked, you need to mark it in a cool and dark place. Carp is hung on a rope, wrapped in paper, or left in a can, with a tight-fitting lid. The finished product is stored for about 6 -12 months. It is used in salads, sandwiches or as a separate dish. Carp gives a special taste to the dish, making the food interesting and unusual.

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