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How to dry champignons at home (7 popular ways)


The ancient Greeks knew about the beneficial properties of champignons. This mushroom is rich in vitamins and minerals and to this day has many fans around the world. Warm, pleasant to the touch, smelling of forest herbs and fragrant needles, he rightfully earned a place in your basket. From this product you can cook a lot of different dishes. Many housewives have long dried them for the winter and cherish their own recipes for drying and storage.

The specificity of the workpiece at home

For drying, we take fresh, dry mushrooms of a small size.

The most important thing is to approach the harvesting for the winter with full responsibility. If it is not sufficiently dry, there is a great risk that they will not reach winter and will be covered with mold. If, on the contrary, champignons dry out, they will lose their attractive aroma and wonderful beneficial properties.

  1. Before drying at home, gently remove all forest trash from the caps with a sponge, check them for worminess. In no case do not wash with water - so they will darken, stop exuding a wonderful smell and are unlikely to be useful after drying;
  2. It is strongly recommended to cut into thin slices. Small mushrooms can be dried as a whole;
  3. They are also often cut in the form of noodles, so that later it would be convenient to add them to soups and salads.
It is important not to disturb the unique structure of the mushroom when cutting. Slices should not be thicker than 15 mm.

What methods of drying champignons are popular

There are lots of ways to cook dried champignons. They differ from each other in time, you can easily choose the ideal drying method for you.

In the oven

It is necessary to leave the door ajar for ventilation.

The easiest and most convenient method of drying.

  1. Preheat oven to 70 degrees;
  2. Spread the pieces on a baking sheet and put it in the oven;
  3. Do not close the door completely - moisture will evaporate from the product, and if you close the oven door tightly, you will only spoil the mushrooms.
  4. Due to the different thickness, the pieces will be dried unevenly - your task is to constantly check them and, if possible, remove the finished dry mushrooms from the oven.

In the microwave

Using a microwave saves you time.

Suitable for those for whom it is important to dry the mushrooms as quickly as possible:

  1. Spread the slices evenly over the pan or plate in the microwave.
  2. Turn it on for 20 minutes at a power of 100-180 W;
  3. After twenty minutes, remove the dryer from the microwave and carefully drain the water from the dish. So your mushrooms will dry out exactly, and not cook in the liquid evaporated from them;
  4. Leave the microwave open for five minutes;
  5. Repeat all these steps several times until the product is ready.

In the electric dryer

Very simple way, but requires an electrical appliance.

The cooking procedure is simple, in two steps:

  1. Spread the slices on a special dryer tray, for example, VOLTERA 1000 Lux, and place them in a device that is included in a certain mode;
  2. After about 8-10 hours your mushrooms will be ready.

On a string

For high-quality drying requires dry hot weather.

The easiest way to dry without the help of additional equipment.

  1. Prepared mushrooms need to be put on a string;
  2. Cover the pieces with gauze to prevent dust and dirt from settling on them;
  3. Leave the mushrooms in a warm, well-ventilated area for several days;
  4. It is especially important that the weather is dry and hot.

How can be dried mushrooms in the Russian oven

The shutter should be kept ajar

Drying technology is very similar to drying in the oven.

  1. Remove all the ash from the oven and only then proceed to the champignons;
  2. Arrange the sliced ​​baking sheet. Put a baking tray on two bricks;
  3. It is very important to maintain a constant temperature in the oven at about 70 degrees, if the temperature is higher, then your mushrooms are at risk of burning;
  4. Slightly open the flap to provide ventilation for the dryer. The valve should be gradually closed as the moisture from the mushrooms evaporates;
  5. As in the case of a microwave, check periodically the readiness of the product and slowly remove dry mushrooms from the pan.

In convection oven

Mushrooms on the grill

For the method of cooking in the convection oven, several conditions must be met:

  1. To provide fresh air for the champignons, prop the air-grill cover with a skewer;
  2. Put the mushrooms on the grill;
  3. Dry one and a half hours at a constant temperature of 60-70 degrees.

Over the stove

The stove works on low heat

Only suitable if you are not going to cook anything for a few days. The procedure technology is simple:

  1. Mushrooms strung on a string hang right under the ceiling;
  2. Turn on all the comforts on your stove;
  3. It is desirable that the stove worked 24 hours a day. So the mushrooms dry out in just a few days;
  4. If you do not have the opportunity to cook nothing on the stove for a couple of days, then at the time of cooking, remove the champignons from the kitchen so that they will not be filled with the smell of food. In this situation, drying can take a week.

How to store dried champignons

The best way to store dried mushrooms

Store dried champignons preferably in a gauze bag. Moreover, the bag itself is desirable to hang in a place where there will be no foreign odors that can affect the taste of mushrooms. Diligently monitor the level of humidity! If the room where the mushrooms are stored is damp, then the mushrooms will be saturated with moisture and covered with mold and all your efforts will be gone. Do not store the mushrooms next to vegetables and fruits - the mushrooms will feed off odor and will not be so tasty.

In addition to mushrooms, zealous hostesses also dried oyster mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms and porcini mushrooms for the winter.