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28 best varieties of tomatoes for open ground


Tomatoes are grown everywhere, in most regions of our vast country. The only exception is the extreme north. Only here not everywhere there is an opportunity to cultivate this culture in an open ground. Although this method of cultivation has tremendous advantages and makes it possible to collect the most useful and tasty fruits. They differ in taste from tomatoes grown in greenhouse conditions, beating the latter. The mass fraction of nutrients is also significantly higher in these varieties than in those grown in the greenhouse.

The best varieties of tomatoes for open ground

Which tomato is best for open field? An unequivocal answer to this question is impossible to give. Indeed, in each category and for each region of Russia there are own favorites.

In the open field, you can grow the whole range of tomatoes: determinant and early, popular ultra early and super early, from low to high. They also differ in taste, color, aroma, chemical composition, juiciness, etc. The owners of even the smallest plots of land are trying to put on them some tomatoes.

Top Early Grades

Early tomato varieties are the most common. They can be found at every summer cottage or garden. No wonder that this variety already has favorites who have won the trust and love of most gardeners.


Early universal variety, tomatoes of which are excellent for both preservation and fresh consumption. Fruits have a rounded shape, when ripe, their color is saturated red. Their mass ranges from 55 to 124 grams.

Tomato Marisha
Taste is highly appreciated. Productivity is quite high, well tolerated transportation.

Fruiting and ripening amicable. Marisha bred in the North Caucasus Research Institute of Horticulture and Viticulture.


Bred at the Vavilov Institute. Early variety, the fruits of which begin to ripen within 3 months after emergence of shoots. The height of the bush is not more than 70 cm, compact. Tomatoes have a plum shape, their weight is 80-90 grams. The skin is dense, the color of ripe tomatoes is red-orange.

Tastes are good, tomatoes are very fleshy and dense. Excellent for salting and canning, as well as fresh consumption. Productivity is high. The transport is fine. When laying on ripening can persist for quite some time.

Valentine Tomato


Ripens already in 80 days after emergence of shoots. The height of the bush to half a meter, compact. Fruits tied in any weather, the crop ripens very amicably. The shape of the tomato is rounded, slightly ribbed, the weight ranges from 100 to 160 grams.

The color when ripe becomes saturated red. Tastes are average. The main purpose - fresh consumption. Good yield. Transported badly.


A real dacha favorite. One of the advantages of the Sanka variety is that it has undersized standard bushes that do not need a garter. Ultra-ripening (ripening begins 80 days after emergence of shoots). Increased cold resistance, for ripening requires a minimum amount of light.

Yield is average. The mass of tomato is about 80 grams, the color is saturated red. The surface is slightly ribbed.

Tomato is very meaty with good taste. Purpose - universal (suitable for preservation and fresh use).

Grandma's kiss

It is an early ripe tall tomato that needs a garter. The shape of the rounded, slightly ribbed weighing from 200 to 500 grams of tomatoes. At maturity, they have a bright yellow color. Tastes are excellent, have a light fruity aroma. The fruits are very juicy, can be used both for fresh consumption and for preservation. Productivity is very high.

The most fruitful tomatoes

Owners of small plots dream of collecting a rich harvest, but at the same time use as little as possible area. That is why they are trying to pick varieties that will produce a large number of fruits and at the same time have good taste characteristics.


The undersized variety Stolypin, which bears fruit very well even in very adverse weather. It refers to the early, resistant to the most common diseases. Due to increased cold resistance, it forms fruit even in cold and rainy weather. Productivity is very high, resistant to cracking. They have an oval shape, weight ranges from 90 to 120 grams.

The skin is very dense, smooth. The color of ripe tomato is usually dark pink. Fragrant and juicy pulp provides excellent taste. Purpose is universal: it can be used fresh or used for various types of preservation. It tolerates transportation very well and does not lose its commercial qualities.

Tomatoes Stolypin

Raspberry giant

Bush is very large with a thick, resistant stem. Height reaches 1 meter. Treats early grades with very high productivity. After ripening, the fruits do not crack, have very few seeds. The color of ripe tomato is dark pink, reminiscent of raspberries, its mass can vary from 200 to 400 grams.

Tastes are excellent, transportation is well tolerated. Used mainly for fresh consumption.

Mushroom basket

Mid-season variety, characterized by a very high bush. Suitable for fans of something original and unusual. Fruits in mature form have a bright red color, unusual ribbed shape. Their weight reaches 500 grams. Tastes are very good. High yield. Transport and storage are well tolerated. Used to decorate the table, stuffing, etc.

Puzata Hata

Early tall variety Puzata Khata, requiring mandatory garter. The fruits are shaped like a pear, ribbed, in a mature form have a red color. Their mass ranges from 150 to 250 grams. Tastes are just great, sugar is fleshy. Not a lot of seed. Productivity is high. Purpose of tomatoes universal: great for both preservation and fresh consumption. Well transported.

The best large varieties of tomatoes

Beautiful large tomatoes can not please the eye. Each summer resident dreams to grow in his beds a kind of miracle, which will envy all the neighbors. For these purposes, and selected large-fruited varieties of tomatoes, capable of producing record fruits.

Bull heart

It belongs to the most delicious varieties of tomatoes, which, moreover, have also the huge size of fruits. Characteristics of Bull's heart: mid-season, has a large tall bush, in need of a mandatory garter. Fruits of various shapes and sizes can be produced on the same plant.

The largest fruits are formed at the bottom of the bush. Yield and disease resistance is average. Not bad transported. The weight of one fruit can exceed 500 grams, the color at maturity - red. The skin is thin, the flesh is without veins, there is little seed. Used mainly for fresh consumption, but can also be canned.

Bull heart


Beautiful mid-season variety of orange, characterized by a high content of vitamins. Bush tall, requires a garter. The weight of the fruit ranges from 200 to 400 grams, the seeds are small, very fleshy. Refers to lettuce tomatoes, because it has excellent taste. Fruits are spherical, in maturity have a rich orange color.

The fruits of this variety are mainly consumed fresh, suitable for infant and dietary food.

King of Kings

Medium early hybrid, featuring huge fruits (weighing up to 1 kg!). The bush is tall, the brushes are formed as they grow, which ensures long-term harvest. The fruits are round in shape, when ripe, have a red color. With excessive moisture prone to cracking. Tastes pretty good, high yield. Seeds are not collected. Tomatoes universal use.


Quite a new variety, already had time to win a certain popularity.

Characteristics of the Alsou variety:

  • bush of medium height, requires a garter;
  • early ripe tomato;
  • fruits are heart-shaped, slightly ribbed, weight reaches 800 grams;
  • mature color of fruits is bright red.

Tastes just great. Suitable for all types of conservation and for fresh consumption. Rich in vitamins and nutrients. Alsou variety is well transported and stored, which is an additional advantage.

Honey saved

Tall mid-season variety with large orange-colored fruits. Fetal weight ranges from 160 to 220 grams. Tastes are good, the flesh is sweet. Suitable for fresh consumption and preservation. Fruits have a long storage period, tolerate transportation.

Honey saved

The best southern varieties (for the Rostov region)

Tomato varieties for open ground differ not only in ripening terms, but also in zoning. Even the same variety in different regions may behave differently. That is why when choosing a tomato one must also take into account the particularities of the climate. In the south of our country, in the Rostov region, Bashkiria, as well as in the Nizhny Novgorod region, Premium and Zephyr tomatoes in chocolate showed the best.

Chocolate Marshmallow

The main advantage of this variety is excellent taste. And due to the unusual color of the fruit, this tomato has gained additional fans with non-standard preferences. Bushes are quite tall, require a garter. Mid-season with high resistance to diseases.

Chocolate Marshmallows Tomatoes

The weight of the fruit is about 120-150 grams, the color during the ripening period is red-brown with small divorces of dark green color. The flesh has a sweet taste, very juicy. Seeds are few.

Tomatoes are poorly stored, consumed mostly fresh. Very high yield.


Very productive and early ripe hybrid having a low bush. The fruits are fleshy, their mass reaches 130-140 grams. Their shape is rounded, in the period of maturity they have a red color. Ideal for processing and canning, fresh consumed after full aging on the bushes. Fruiting is very friendly, disease resistance is high.

Premium variety

Tomatoes suitable for the Leningrad region

In the Leningrad region has its own peculiarities of growing tomatoes. Crude and cool climate is not suitable for all varieties. The best for this region are the following.


Mid-season hybrid with medium-sized bushes. The fruits are round, very dense. Color in a mature form - red, weight reaches 115-140 grams. Very good taste. It is appreciated mainly for the fact that for a month tomatoes do not lose their commercial qualities and are well tolerated in transportation. Their purpose is universal. Fruits do not crack, resistance to diseases is high.

Leningrad early

Ultra early stem variety that does not require staking. The fruits are small, weighing 50-60 grams, red in color and round in shape. Tastes are quite good, the application is universal. Resistant to cracking and most diseases.

Mongolian dwarf

Unusually early variety Mongolian dwarf with fairly small bushes. Their height reaches only 15-25 centimeters. But the fruits are not so small - up to 200 grams. Their color is red, the taste is sweet, juicy.

Productivity is just great. Tomatoes are resistant to cracking, disease, tolerate transportation.

The use of harvested universal crop.


Despite the fact that the variety is early maturing, it is resistant to diseases and cold. The plant is standard and in height reaches no more than 50 cm. It does not need a garter. Fruits are round, not very ribbed, their color is bright red.

Tastes at a very high level, tomatoes are resistant to cracking. Suitable for all types of processing and preservation, and for fresh consumption. Long stored and tolerate transportation. Fruiting occurs even under adverse conditions.


The early ripe grade, perfectly transferring lowering temperatures. Fruits weighing from 60 to 100 grams are round and red. Tastes are very good, suitable for transportation. Intend for the fresh use.

Self-pollinated tomatoes

Under certain conditions, insect pollination occurs very badly. In this case, self-pollinated varieties are a real find.

Eagle heart

This giant among the tomatoes, which has everything else excellent taste. Productivity directly depends on the soil and quality of seed. The bush is very powerful. Fruits ripen for a long time.

Temperature drops for this variety are not terrible, it is resistant to diseases. Requires tying. The shape of the fruit is heart-shaped, the weight can reach 1 kg, the color during the period of maturity is bright pink. Not a lot of seeds, the pulp is sweet and dense. Fruits are very well transported and stored.


Mikado variety has several varieties, which differ not only in the color of fruits, but also in terms of their ripening. As a rule, these are early and mid-early tomatoes, the shape of which resembles the head of a famous Japanese emperor. Bush tall, powerful.

The mass of the fetus reaches 250-300 grams, the shape is flat, slightly ribbed. Tastes are excellent, yield is average. It is consumed mainly fresh, but it is also suitable for processing, preservation.

Monomakh's hat

Early shtambovy variety, characterized by truly royal fruits. Resistant to many diseases, yields a crop even with a lack of moisture in the soil. Fruit ripening amicable. Productivity is high. Fruits in mature form have a bright red color, rounded shape, weight reaches 900 grams.Very good taste. Tomatoes are well transported and stored for a long time.

The best low-growing tomatoes

The advantage of low-growing tomatoes is that they do not require a garter. It is thanks to this that most gardeners give them preference.

Abakansky pink

Belongs to the middle late varieties, fruiting for a long period. This is the main advantage of Abakansky over competitors. Bush is not high, up to 1 meter. However, the yield remains high.

The weight of one fruit is 250-300 grams, but with good care it can reach 500 grams. The shape of the tomato heart-shaped, ribbed medium. The number of seeds is small. Productivity is high. Used mainly for fresh consumption. Transported does not matter.

Tomato Abakansky pink


Perfectly adapted variety for regions with a short summer.

Early, very productive, small bush. Fruits of small size (80-100 grams), red color and flat-rounded shape. Ideal for both fresh consumption and for all types of blanks. Resistant to diseases. Fruits even under adverse conditions.


The early standard grade of Boni MM differs in good productivity. Does not need a garter. Fruits are bright red, rounded, slightly ribbed, weighing 60-80 grams. It is resistant not only to diseases, but also to adverse weather conditions. Tastes are high. Ideal for both fresh consumption and for all types of conservation.


Late medium-sized hybrid Bobcat with good yields. Resistant to the main types of diseases. The variety withstands drought easily, the fruits have excellent taste, universal in use. In a mature form, they have a bright red color, rounded shape, weight reaches 180-240 grams. Well transported.

A variety of varieties of tomatoes for open ground is amazing. In all its diversity, it remains only to choose what is right for you, best suits your needs and is suitable for cultivation in these climatic conditions. You can diversify not only the ripening time, but also the color gamut of your harvest.