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Proper cultivation of dill on the window sill of seeds


In winter, a person often feels a lack of fresh vegetables and fruits, which supply our body with beneficial trace elements and vitamins. To fill this gap, avoiding vitamin deficiency, you can start growing dill from seeds right on your balcony or windowsill. And then at any time of the day or night, fresh greenfinch will be on your table, complementing the taste of your first and second courses.

Is it possible to grow dill on a balcony or windowsill

Growing dill and other herbs on the balcony is quite real. But this is only under the condition that the balcony is glazed and insulated. Indoor temperature must be maintained within + 8 + 18 degrees Celsius, not lower and not higher.

This plant, though unpretentious, but a decrease or increase in temperature can cause poor growth and yellowing of greenery.

But the worst option is when the seedlings just simply die and all your efforts will be in vain.

Varieties of plants for growing at home

If you decide to provide yourself for the whole winter with greens, you should not choose the early varieties of dill. They are distinguished by a small amount of foliage and are suddenly allowed to bloom stems.

Best to give preference late varieties. For winter, this is the best option.

Most popular late varieties are:

  • Russian size;
  • Gourmet;
  • Salute.

Gardeners recommend simultaneously plant at home early and late varieties plants. Thus, you can always eat greens. Until the late dill has ripened, the early one will spoil you. When the early leaves, it will grow late. So to say the cycle of plants in your balcony.

To the most popular and unpretentious early plants should include the following varieties:

  • Gribovsky;
  • Grenadier;
  • Richelieu.
Plus, the simultaneous planting of different varieties of greenery will help protect against force majeure situations, when a variety did not ascend at all, for example, after a sharp temperature drop in the room.

Preparing the soil for planting dill at home

Landing ground should be rich in nutrients and substances. All in order to at least so fill the possible lack of light. The soil can be used finished production. Although it is best to mix in a one-to-one ratio with garden soil.

At the bottom of the tank always fall asleep drainage. This may be expanded clay or sand medium fraction.

Greenery loves warmth. That is why under the container with seedlings it is recommended to put a sheet of foam. If on the balcony it is difficult to control the temperature, it is recommended that the foam be completely glued over the entire pot.

The rules for planting seeds in the pot

Before planting seeds in the soil, their sprouting recommendedSoak for a couple of weeks before germination.

If you do not have the opportunity to wait so long, you can use this trick: pour seeds into a saucer, cover them with warm water and cover with gauze. During the day, water is worth changing twice.

Dill seeds can be germinated on wet gauze

To rid the seeds of damage by various diseases and fungi, they can soak in a warm solution of potassium permanganate before sowing. This will ensure seedlings literally in a few days.

The soil is plentifully watered with water at room temperature, and then the seeds are spread evenly on it. Strongly deepening the seeds is not worth it, otherwise it will be difficult for them to break through. It is recommended to lightly shake everything with a small amount of soil.

The container is covered with plastic wrap, but after a while it should be removed otherwise condensate will appear. As soon as the first shoots break through, the film can be removed forever.

Plant care rules

  • dill constantly needs moisture. That is why regularly follow the soil. Although too much moisture is not good, a fungus can appear;
  • twice a month it is recommended to feed the soil with a fertilizer complex;
  • optimum temperature for growth is +18 degrees Celsius. But if it is winter, then lowering the indicator to the +8 degrees mark will also work. In principle, the plants will continue to grow if they have enough light;
  • high temperatures on the balcony will result in yellowing of the foliage. If the capacity is located at the window is follow the lighting. Excessive light - the cause of the refinement and fragility of the stems;
  • as soon as the first shoots seem better at night, open the window for airing to lower the temperature. This will prevent the plants from pulling in height.
When grown on a balcony, high temperatures can cause yellowing of dill.

How to water the greens in winter

Dill refers to moisture-loving plants therefore summer it is extremely often and abundantly watered. After all, under the scorching sun moisture evaporates extremely quickly.

But in the winter The situation is different. Therefore, watering should be moderate, only when necessary, if the soil is dry. In this case, excessive moisture can cause the appearance of fungus and wilting dill.

Proper lighting

The lack of lighting - the biggest problem in the process of growing greens at home.

Dill stretches in the light, its sprouts and stems become thin and fragile, and the leaves are light. To correct the situation, you can use special lamps. They are recommended to be located at a distance of 0.5 meters from the container with plants.

Dill can develop normally if within 16 hours It will be well lit. To improve the effect between the glass window and the pots, you can put a mirror or foil. This will increase the illumination of space.

Dill needs lighting for 16 hours a day.

Weeding and loosening

Dill even plant and unpretentious, but weeds and crusts of earth around can't stand. He needs a place for the normal development of the stems and leaves, the enrichment of the soil with oxygen (which helps regular loosening of the earth) and normal humidity.

Therefore, constantly monitor the capacity with the plants, water it, tear out weeds and loosen the soil, then the dill harvest will be better.

Top dressing

If you will use for plants fertile black soilrich in beneficial trace elements and substances, it is not necessary to use fertilizers. Otherwise, it is recommended to use a complex of mineral fertilizers a couple of times a month. Best for dill buy vermicompost.

Biohumus is used as a dill feed.

Harvesting and the appearance of the first dill on the balcony

If you follow all the recommendations of our article step by step, you can get a good harvest of dill at home or in an apartment, even in the winter season.

Greens grow normally on the glazed balcony, where the positive temperature is maintained. Literally one and a half months after landing, you will be able to please yourself and your family with fresh greenfinch.

Growing greens is not a big deal. from March to Augustwhereas in autumn and winter care somewhat complicated.

This is because the sunlight will not be enough and additional lighting will be needed, you need to monitor the temperature so that the plants do not freeze. But in any case, even such costs for growing greens are worth it.

Tasty, healthy and fragrant parsley, dill or basil - it is always nice. Especially if you do not need to buy it, but rather just look at the garden beds.