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How to dry greens in an electric dryer, oven, convection oven


The use of aromatic herbs used in cooking, known since antiquity. In the summer, they grow in large numbers in home gardens and are sold in supermarkets. How to save greens for the winter so that healthy properties and initial taste are not lost? It can be frozen or dried in an electric dryer. There are over 200 types of spices that a person uses for cooking and healing. The most popular herbs include dill, parsley and cilantro, spinach and basil, fennel and celery, lemon balm and parsnip.

Preparation of greens for drying

The easiest way to prepare for the winter is drying. It is easy to store the resulting seasoning; it contains vitamins and useful trace elements. Not every plant can be dried. Lettuce, garlic and chervil should be preserved, frozen or left uncooked. It is also recommended not to dry the parsley, because it changes the smell on a very specific. The grass is salted or frozen in small portions.

For drying, only fresh greens are picked with no signs of damage.

Before starting the drying process, prepare the material. Simple manipulations will help to avoid rotting and mold in the workpieces.

  1. Grass should be washed and dried on a paper towel.
  2. Remove yellowed, rotted, stiffened leaves, as well as hard stems.
  3. Then cut into pieces with a length of 5 centimeters. When drying, they are significantly reduced.
  4. If the process occurs in vivo, then the stems can not be touched. They are folded and tied with a rope.

Purchased raw materials must be pre-processed. For 15 minutes, soak them in salted water, at the rate of a large spoonful of salt per liter. Then the grass is thoroughly dried on a paper towel.

Spices need to be cut into small pieces.

Ways of drying greens

Before the development of the technical process, there was only one method of drying - in the open air. Modern technology can speed up the process. Electric dryer, oven, convection oven reduce the drying time to several hours. Preparation of greens for all units is the same.

In the electric dryer

The best device for wholesale winter blanks - electric dryer VOLTERA 1000 Lux. The unit significantly reduces drying time. The process does not require effort from the hostess.

  1. Greens are cut into pieces of 2 centimeters and is laid out on a tray single layer.
  2. On the unit, the "grass" mode is set, or the temperature is 40-45 degrees.
  3. If 2 trays are used at once, they should be periodically interchanged.

Drying time ranges from two to six hours. It depends on the power of the unit. You can specify the time in the instructions attached to the electric dryer.

In the electric dryer you can immediately prepare several types of greenery.


The natural method of drying involves two options. For the first horizontal parchment is needed, and the second vertical will require twine or twine. Greens can not be left in the open sunshine, it is dried in the shade in a well-blown place. Cold rainy weather is unfavorable for drying. The shorter the process, the more useful components are stored in the product.

Vertical drying consists of several steps.

  1. Washed and dried twigs should be tied with strings in bundles of 5-6 pieces.
  2. Grass hanging under a canopy, where there is no sun and good ventilation. But strong impulses can lead to weathering of the flavor of the seasoning.
  3. Bundles are placed at a distance of 10 centimeters from each other.
  4. Properly dried herbs retain color and elasticity. The process takes several days. Perederzhivat herbs can not, because they are gathering dust, and the aroma disappears.
In open air, greens need to be dried in bunches.

For parsley, dill and coriander, the vertical method of drying is the most acceptable. Greens can also be decomposed on a rack, sieve or pallet, pre-cut into plates. During the entire drying process, it is necessary to turn the grass over so that it does not rot.

How to dry herbs in the oven

In order not to lose valuable qualities, it is necessary to strictly monitor the temperature in the oven. Otherwise, it is suitable for winter harvesting greens.

  1. Greens laid out on a sheet, covered with parchment. The grass layer should not exceed 2 centimeters. From above, it is also covered with parchment.
  2. The temperature in the oven is set at 40 degrees. To achieve this effect, you can leave the door ajar.
  3. When the green will wither, it is necessary to increase the temperature to 50 degrees.
In the oven it is necessary to open the door to get out the excess moisture

The process takes 2-4 hours, depending on the type of plant. Greens should be periodically checked so as not to overdry. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures will reduce healing properties.

On the windowsill

Chopped greens will dry on the windowsill in a few days. It should be put on parchment or canvas fabric. Twice a day, the grass is flipped with gentle movements to preserve the leaves. The thickness of the layer is a maximum of one and a half centimeters: the moisture contained in the green should evaporate.

Prepared greens need to lay out a thin layer

Is it possible to dry the greens in convection oven

Aerogrill is also suitable for drying greens. The principle of processing grass remains unchanged. It is washed, dried and cut. The temperature in the unit is set to a minimum, not more than 45 degrees. Pull out the finished product is necessary when the leaves are completely dry.

The benefits of herbs is preserved if there are no violations in the cooking process.

Green dries quickly, does not change color, the aroma remains the same. You can store seasoning in plastic containers, cans with sealed lids, canvas bags. Cellophane packs are not recommended. It should be borne in mind that after drying, the mass is greatly reduced. With two kilograms of dill get 220 grams of the finished product.

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