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6 simple recipes for preparing dried and dried peaches for the winter


Delicious juicy fruit is poorly preserved fresh. It should be eaten immediately. With a large harvest of peaches, the hostesses subject them to drying, which extends the shelf life up to two years. Fruits after weathering moisture retain their beneficial properties. They increase the concentration of sugar and vitamins. Dried peaches - a good snack and filler for winter compote. Fresh ripe fruits are made from candied fruits, chips, pastila. They are dried in an electric dryer, oven, on the windowsill. To store the finished product does not need much space, but the daily consumption of fruit fills up the required amount of vitamins.

Peach Drying Specific

Peaches are very juicy, so over-ripe fruit cannot be used for drying. For harvesting fit both flat and fig fruits. Collecting fruit from the tree allows you to get a high quality product. The fruit should not be broken places, wormholes and rot. Before drying, they must be prepared.

  1. Fruits are well washed. Excess moisture is removed with a paper towel or napkin.
  2. The peduncle must be removed. Use of fruits with a stone and without it is allowed. The first version of dried fruit has a bitterness, taste for the fan. If you remove the bone, the dried fruit will remain sweet.
  3. The fruit can be divided into halves or quarters with a sharp knife.
  4. Peaches are laid on the skins upwards for drying.

    Peaches must be washed and removed before drying.

For winter preparations, sweet fruits of practically any kind are used, but if they get sour, you should sprinkle them with sugar syrup.

It is advisable to calibrate the fruit before drying so that they prepare at one time.

With overripe peaches do not take risks, it is better to make them marshmallow.

Peach Drying Methods

To the natural method were added options using an electric dryer and oven. The sparing conditions of the units make it possible to obtain high quality products in a short time. In an electric dryer with the correct temperature conditions, the process takes 6 hours. Using the plate requires several approaches for three hours with a six-hour break.

Drying in the oven

Peach after drying in the oven

With a small amount of products and the absence of electric ovens - the best option. Peaches are prepared in the usual way and cut into slices. The pieces should not be very small, the fruit will lose its charm. The sheet is covered with parchment, the fruits are laid on it with the skin up.

At a temperature of 50 degrees, they are dried for three hours. Then you need to take a break for 6 hours and continue the procedure. Drying continues until the product reaches a condition.

Periodically it is necessary to open the oven door to release excess moisture.

Oranges are dried and apples are dried in a similar way.

The use of electric dryers

Peaches in an electric drier are best dried.

Modern apparatus for drying vegetables and fruits VOLTERA 1000 Lux significantly accelerates the process. With natural weathering, the blanks lie for several days. In the dryer enough for 6 hours. Peach is loaded in whole or sliced. It is necessary to ensure that the products were approximately the same size.

Fruits are laid out on pallets in a single layer. It is necessary to set the temperature from 50 to 70 degrees. The process must be controlled so as not to spoil the products. Drying time will take 4 to 6 hours. Voltaire 1000 Lux is also suitable for the preparation of dry bananas and dried kiwi.

Nuances of drying in the sun

Sun Dried Peaches

Harvesting dried peaches in a natural way is suitable for large volumes of products. They must be pre-washed and wiped away with paper towel. Peeled fruit stalks and seeds are laid out on the racks with the pelt up.

On each side, it is necessary to dry for at least two days, as the fruits are juicy and fleshy. When the lobules reach condition, they are collected in canvas bags and stored for up to a year. Under the influence of sunlight the fruits become darker.

The color remains almost unchanged if you pre-fumigate the segments with sulfur smoke.

This method is also suitable for other fruits - pineapple, plum, but only for warm regions.

On the windowsill

Peach dried on the windowsill

The principle of harvesting dried fruit on the windowsill is identical to the process of drying in the sun. A large number of peaches will not fit on a limited area, but you can prepare a few kilograms. Entirely they will not dry out, so they need to be rid of the stones and divided into slices.

The window sill is covered with paper and fruits are laid out on it. On each side the slices are dried for 2-3 days. They must be turned over so as not to begin the process of decay. When excess moisture evaporates, the dried fruits are collected in containers or linen bags. Moths and other insects should not be allowed to enter the products.

Peach Dried Above The Plate

Another common method of drying fruits in cold regions is the electric cooker. Peeled and prepared peaches should be cut into small slices. They can be strung on a string, but they are quite heavy. Useful sieve or mesh. If the peach is decomposed into it and placed over a heater, then in a few hours the moisture will evaporate. Get dried peaches no worse than the sun.

How to cook dried peach with a bone

Dried peach with a stone

At home, dried peaches are cooked in the oven or electric drier. There are many devices for drying vegetables and fruits. There are three cooking methods:

  1. Drying entirely involves only washing the fruit and removing the stem.
  2. From the berries you can remove the stone and cut them in half.
  3. The skin is removed from the peaches, and a high-quality product is obtained.

Masters of drying prefer to cook special delicacies. Peaches are lowered into a boiling solution of water and soda for 7-9 seconds. The peduncle is removed, the bone is pulled out, and the skin is easily cleaned with a knife.

Peach slices are laid out on a tray and fumigated with sulfur. Only after that you can start drying.

For the preparation of high-quality dried fruit suitable electrical units and folk methods.

Peaches are rich in vitamins and have many beneficial properties. With a large number of products optimally suitable natural method of drying. Many peaches are placed on the shelves, but the process takes 4-6 days, depending on weather conditions and juiciness of the fruits. Weathering occurs faster in electric units. In the oven, you can make sweet chips or candied fruits, and also just dry the fruit slices. For the preparation of dried fruit for the winter fit as purchased and grown independently at home. When growing it is necessary to know about the nuances of tree care in order to get a rich harvest.