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How to make dried oranges at home (6 ways)


The use of dried fruits and vegetables has been known for a long time. Dried or dried oranges are used to decorate baking, creating cocktails. Citrus in this form preserves its taste and aroma, sweetness and light natural sourness. Dried oranges benefit from fresh properties. They are low-calorie, therefore, belong to the category of dietary products. In the composition of the dried product are concentrated vitamins B, C, E, as well as calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Dried citruses at home are kept longer fresh. Snack in this form is useful and pleasant. The product can be taken to work or travel.

Specificity at home

The process of drying oranges differs little from that of other fruits. When choosing a method, you need to consider:

  • how much is taken of the original product;
  • available in the arsenal of hostess fixtures;
  • availability of free time.
Whole fruits can also be dried. In order for them to retain their shape, it is necessary to make cuts in the crust and hang citrus for uniform evaporation of moisture.

Citruses do not grow in most parts of the north, therefore purchased citrus fruits are used for drying. It is necessary to choose only ripe fruits, and green ones to reject. Outside, oranges are washed and soaked with a paper towel. A sharp knife should be cut into citrus rings with peel. Width should not exceed 5 millimeters.


Oranges preferably cut into rings about 5 mm

From the thickness of the circles depends on the uniformity of drying. If they are very thin, they will become completely transparent and dry out. The optimal 5 millimeters allow you to achieve the desired density and taste perception. There are several options for drying:

  • in the oven;
  • in the microwave;
  • in the electric dryer;
  • in the pan;
  • on the battery;
  • naturally in the open air.

Each method has pros and cons, as well as the timing of drying. The choice of option depends on the availability of the necessary equipment.

How to dry in the oven

Pre-prepared orange slices are laid out on a baking sheet. The sheet should be covered with baking paper to prevent the fruit from burning. When drying, the fruit produces a lot of moisture, so the oven door is left slightly ajar.

Be sure to follow the temperature regime and avoid roasting fruits

We can not allow the rings began to roast, so throughout the process you want to monitor the temperature. At the beginning of drying, the oven must be set to 50 degrees. In the process, you can increase the temperature to 70, but then - again to subtract. circles of the fruit turn over several times, then the moisture is removed evenly and nothing burns.

In the microwave

In a convection oven or microwave its own method of drying, it is called extreme. Time depends on the power of household appliances. If you do not calculate the shutter speed and temperature, you get a bunch of ashes, but not fragrant dried fruits. Orange slices laid out on a flat surface of a glass tray. The time and temperature are set, you can start from 10 seconds.

To remove excess moisture, from time to time, open the microwave door

Be sure to take breaks and open the door to eliminate excess moisture. From the tray on which the orange is placed, it is necessary to pour the collected juice during each stop. The drying process is carried out in several stages. You can turn the slices for uniform weathering.

How to do it in an electric dryer

The best way to prepare dry orange slices in an electric dryer VOLTERA 1000 Lux. It is necessary to cut the citrus in small circles. To dry evenly, they must be the same size. Too thin circles become very thin and become unsuitable for food, only for decoration.

Thick slices dry for a long time and do not completely lose moisture, which can lead to decay.

Sliced ​​orange must first be spread on paper towels to remove excess moisture. Parchment is laid out on sheets first, and then prepared slices. The temperature of the unit is selected according to the instructions attached to it. If drying occurs on two sheets at once, they should be interchanged from time to time.

There are 2 ways of drying in the dryer:

  • fast - requires one and a half hours and 150 degrees, 15 minutes on each side, and an hour at 70;
  • A long one will take all night at 70 degrees.

Dried slices in a pan

On the pan need to be dried carefully and all the time to turn the slices of the product

If there are no special devices, then a frying pan is suitable for quick drying. It is necessary to set a low heating temperature so that the slices are not burnt. They are periodically turned over, and the accumulated juice is eliminated. The time depends on the thickness of the slices, the temperature and the desired degree of drying. You can not leave the pan unattended, the product quickly begins to burn.

Battery-Powered Orange Chips

It is important to prevent deformation of the orange rings.

Close to the natural process of drying the battery. Exposure to temperature accelerates weathering. Oranges are also cut into slices of 3-5 millimeters. There are two ways of drying in the battery.

  1. The baking paper is put on the battery and the prepared mugs are on top. On the first day when turning, it is necessary to slightly press the slices to prevent them from curling. When the moisture evaporates, the crust will become very brittle. It is easy to control the drying process. When the orange is ready, it is removed and stored for storage.
  2. To make the circles perfectly smooth, you will have to try. In the corrugated cardboard it is required to make holes, arrange orange slices on it and fasten the construction along the edges with a tacker. This homemade tray is placed inside the battery for 3-4 days. After the specified period it is necessary to remove the slices and send them to storage.

Dried citruses outdoors

You can hang a garland on a string

The natural way of drying fruit is in the open air. The process of cutting remains familiar: on the circles of 3-5 millimeters. The semi-finished product is strung on a thread or wooden skewers at a distance from each other. It is required to place the garlands in such a way that there is always air access. As a result, wavy orange circles are obtained, since they cannot be leveled with this method of drying. It is necessary to remove the slices carefully so as not to break, they are very fragile.

To achieve the effect of frost, sprinkle with orange gelatin. Sugar causes a strong separation of juice and is not suitable for these purposes. There is a difference between the slices dried naturally and in the oven. The first ones are lighter, and the second ones are darker, since they give off more moisture. Even slices are obtained after drying in cardboard, the garland does not give such an effect. Dried oranges sate hot tea, perfect for making mulled wine. They are also used for the decoration of Christmas trees and gifts. Whole dried oranges look like toys. They are strung on strings and hanged on a Christmas tree.

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