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How to make and where to use dried tangerines


The eye is immediately attracted by bright orange flowers on white cake icing. These are dried tangerines. They are widely used in cooking, for making compotes, as a seasoning for meat dishes. Designers have found use for them in the interior, in the elements of decor. To dry this fruit from Southeast Asia is enough for everyone.

How to dry and tumble tangerines

Citrus contains many useful elements.

Mandarins are very healthy fruits. Per 100 g of the product contains 180 mg of potassium, 18 mg of magnesium, as well as calcium, zinc and iron. This is a storehouse of vitamins: vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B5, B6, B9). One whole fruit contains on average 1.5 g of dietary fiber. Such a composition makes mandarins especially attractive for people with heart or vision problems. Mandarins improve digestion and improve the body's immunity along with vitamin complexes from the pharmacy.

To obtain the described benefits in the absence of fresh mandarins, you need to make high-quality dried or dried product. These fruits are demanding for storage and spoil easily. Therefore, before you dry, you need to carefully select the intact fruit. They are very juicy, the pulp of the slices is protected by a thick film. This makes the drying process longer.

You can dry the fruit with and without peel. It should be noted that the peel contains three times more vitamin C. It is a source of essential oil, which gives the fruit a special aroma.

Tangerines can be dried with whole slices and pieces. When cut into pieces, the cell walls are partially destroyed, which speeds up drying. The flower-shaped pieces in the section are especially appreciated for their decorative properties.

Methods of drying, preserving the aroma of citrus

Use the following methods of drying:

  • in the oven,
  • in electric drier,
  • in the sun,
  • on the windowsill,
  • on the battery.

How to make in the oven

The baking tray must be covered with parchment paper, otherwise the fruit will stick.

Prepared tangerines laid out on a baking sheet covered with parchment. Pieces should not touch. They are placed in the oven for 2-3 hours, leaving the door ajar for ventilation. It is usually stated that the oven should be heated, and the temperature should be 120-140 degrees.

With a sharp heat on the surface of the pieces a crust is formed, preventing moisture from evaporating. The product comes out hard and tasteless. It is much better to raise the temperature gradually, starting from 60-70 degrees. Under the influence of heat, plant tissue becomes softer and cell walls more permeable. Then the evaporation of moisture occurs more evenly. To ensure uniform drying, you need to rotate the fruit pieces every 30-40 minutes.

For even drying, slices need to be turned over.

This method allows you to quickly dry the tangerines. The disadvantage is the need for constant supervision. Also, oven-dried mandarins often go over-dried. In finished form, they should bend, but not break.

In the electric dryer

In the electric dryer, for example, the model VOLTERA 1000 Lux, you can get high quality dried tangerines. This is the result of exposure to stable, but low temperature and well-organized ventilation.

If the dryer is not universal, you need to choose the temperature regime according to the instructions.

This method is very popular. It eliminates the need to monitor the temperature. You can rotate the pieces or rearrange the pallets less often, every 2-3 hours. The disadvantages include high energy consumption, the duration of the process (8-12 hours depending on the model of equipment).

In the sun

It is necessary to avoid trash and insects.

Drying in the sun is a traditional method that has long been used in the homeland of mandarins. This is a time consuming process. Cut tangerines laid out on a hard surface covered with gauze. If the surface is wooden, you can put it directly on it. During the day, you need to ensure that the fruit remained in the sun, periodically turn them. If flies, wasps, bees or other insects attack, tangerines are covered with gauze in 1-2 layers on top. This makes it difficult for sunlight to penetrate. In the evening, as well as in the case of rain, drying is carried in a covered room to protect it from moisture. Usually it takes four to six days to get the finished product.

Drying in the sun requires a temperature of + 25-30 degrees, a relative humidity of no more than 60% and good weather for several days. It is not always possible to provide such conditions, which impairs the appearance and smell of fruit.

On the windowsill

Tangerines can be dried entirely on a warm window sill

Placing the fruit for drying on the windowsill, the hostess gets rid of the need to monitor the weather. Glass transmits about 46% of the thermal radiation of the visible spectrum and 50% of infrared radiation. Therefore, the effect of sunlight is almost the same as when dried in the open air. If there is no sun, the fruit continues to dry due to the temperature of the room. They will not overdry.

Difficulties may occur with the provision of good ventilation. Not all housewives like that the window sill is busy for two or three weeks. The size of the window sill is also limited.

On battery

This method of drying is not much different from the drying on the windowsill. Since the heat source is closer, the process goes faster - 7-10 days.

In winter, the hot battery is most often used for drying.

For decorative purposes, another approach is possible. Two sheets of corrugated cardboard cut to the size of the battery section are dotted with small holes. Ready-made mandarin blanks are put on one sheet, covered with a second sheet, fastened both sheets with clothespins, large clips or twine and placed between the battery sections. Holes are needed for ventilation, the cardboard absorbs excess moisture. Nothing needs to be turned. A big plus of this approach is the preservation of the original form.

Ready dried tangerines are stored for one or two years. They are chewed in dried form instead of candy, soaked and decorated with cakes and pastries. They can grind and use as seasoning. Properly dried tangerines retain visual appeal and vitamin-mineral composition, bringing benefit and joy.

Of sweets, apples, lemons and melons are often also dried. Articles on how to procurement you will find on our website.