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Description and characteristic of a grade of a tomato rosemary


Tomato Rosemary - a godsend for all gardeners. Since this the hybrid will please with its high yield and taste. This variety was loved not only by adults, but also by children. Description and characteristics of this variety are presented below.

Description and characteristic of a grade of a tomato Rosemary

Large-fruited tomato variety Rosemary
  • Rosemary F1 hybrid refers to mid-season varieties of tomatoes. From sowing seeds to technical maturity takes about 115 days.
  • Bush, medium, reaches a length of 130 cm.
  • Flat-rounded, bright pink fruits, weighing up to half a kilo, have fleshy pulp in structure resembling watermelon.
  • Bush needs a garter and pasynkovaniyu
  • Grow up in 2 stalks

Tomato Rosemary Pound was bred by Russian breeders. The variety is listed in the state register of the Russian Federation for cultivation in closed ground in 2008.

Advantages and disadvantages

Grade advantages:

  • Fruit Size - Large
  • Good taste
  • Resistance to many diseases
  • High carotene content
The fruits of tomato rosemary contain large amounts of vitamin A

The disadvantages include:

  • A large amount of greenery on the plant.
  • Not suitable for canning.
  • Tomato Rosmarin grown under film cover

Planting seeds

Sowing seeds for seedlings begin in late March. Before planting it is necessary to carry out pre-sowing preparation:

  • Selection carried out in saline solution (1 h. Spoon of salt per 100 ml of water). Floated seeds are unsuitable for planting.
Check the quality of tomato seeds with saline
  • Treatment. In a 1% solution of potassium permanganate, the seeds are soaked for 15 minutes. This procedure will allow the plant to quickly adapt to a new place and protect against diseases.
  • Warming up carried out in the event that the seeds were stored in the refrigerator.
  • Growth stimulant. Selected and disinfected seeds, treated with a solution: Kornevin, Elin or Zircon.

The soil for growing seeds should be fertile and light. When sowing, seeds are buried 2 cm in a moist ground.For quick germination of seeds they are sown in a micropot and maintain soil moisture and air. After the appearance of 2-3 sheets, the seedlings dive in separate pots.

Transplantation of seedlings in open ground

Rosemary is grown under a film cover. In the open ground under the temporary shelter planted only in regions with favorable climatic conditions.

Early planting tomato rosemary under the film
Young seedlings are planted after the end of spring frosts. The place is picked up sunny and protected from drafts.

For good growth, the plant must be fertilized, watered, and seedbed. Since rosemary grows to 130 cm, it needs support.

If the air temperature drops below +13 degrees, the plant must be artificially pollinated.

Growing conditions

Grown seedlings dive in the stage of two true sheets. Seedlings, planted in a permanent place at the age of 2 months. Landing plan 40x60.

Although the plant has a thick stalk, it still needs garters.

Rosemary tomato bushes are tall, therefore garters require

Watering, loosening, removing weeds and bait - the basic rules of care. Water the bushes need only warm water. After each watering, they loosen around the bush so that the earth crust does not form. Watering should be carried out once every five days.

With a lack of moisture, the fruits begin to crack and grow poorly.

Plant nutrition is carried out in several stages:

  1. In 2 weeks after transplant to a new place
  2. During the formation of ovaries. To do this, use a solution of boric acid. This fertilizer stimulates the formation of fruits.
  3. Subsequent feeding in 10 dayscomplex fertilizers
Periodic feeding of the bushes with fertilizers will help to get the maximum yield of tomatoes Rosemary.
Tomatoes are very sensitive to both deficiency and excess fertilizer.

The state of the plant can be determined by appearance:

  • If young seedlings grow poorly, and the leaves become faded, which means that it lacks nitrogen. Excess nitrogen - large green mass build-up
  • With a lack of phosphorus, leaves turn purple. With an excess - the leaves and ovaries fall
  • Lack of potassium leads to bush drying, and the excess forms a matte pattern on the leaves

Disease and Prevention

The variety Rosemary, in case of non-compliance with the rules of care, is exposed to such a disease as leaf curling.

The reason for twisting the leaves of tomato indicates a lack of copper in the soil

Causes of twisting and getting rid of the disease:

  1. When preparing the soil over-fertilization. This problem can be solved by introducing complex supplements (1 tablespoon to five liters of water)
  2. Copper deficiency. In this case, the tomatoes are fed with a medication containing honey.
  3. High temperature in the greenhouse. Everything is very simple here, we conduct airing of the room.
If done correctly, the leaves will take their original form, after 2-3 days.

Preventing leaf curl

  • Permanent airing greenhouses
  • At the first signs, spray the bush with honey fertilizer. This may be: KU - 8; Agrofon
  • Within normal limits apply organic fertilizer

How to get tomato seeds for next year

Since Rosemary is a hybrid variety, completely different tomatoes can be grown after collecting seeds. But you can try.

Collecting tomato seeds

For this you need:

  1. Choose the most beautiful fruitwithout visible damage. It is best to place it on the second or third hand.
  2. The fruit is washed and cut in half
  3. Seeds are pulled out dessert spoon of sinuses and placed in a sterile jar
  4. Further jar covered with polyethylene with holes
  5. Jar clean in a warm placewhere the air temperature will be within 25 degrees
  6. After 2 days, the seeds are washed under running water, until complete disappearance of turbidity
  7. Washed seeds spread on paper and dried at a temperature of 30 degrees, 2-3 days
  8. Store finished seeds in a dry place


Tomato Rosemary to care unpretentious, but very responsive. The more careful to care for him, the more yield he will bring. Tomatoes give their wonderful taste in the preparation of salads, juices and fresh consumption.