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Instructions for use of the drug Taboo from the Colorado potato beetle


The Colorado potato beetle harms in the industrial cultivation of potatoes, takes a lot of time to fight it from gardeners. Taboo - a new, effective insecticide that can facilitate the fight not only with the Colorado potato beetle when used according to the instructions. It is used against another dangerous pest of potatoes - wireworm.

Instructions for use of the drug Taboo

The drug is recommended to use in two ways. The first method is the treatment of seed potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle. The second method is tillage at planting from a wireworm. That and another method proved to be effective in compliance with the instructions.

Preparation of the working solution for the treatment of tubers

Seed potatoes need to be scattered in a single layer on a tarp or plastic wrap. The thinner the layer of root crops, the easier it is to spray them evenly.

Sliced ​​seed potatoes can not be treated with tabourer.

Prepare a working solution. To do this, take a small (not food) packaging. Pour into it 10 ml of the drug, dilute it with a small amount of water.

After dissolving the suspension in water, pour the resulting solution into the sprayer tank, add 1.4 liters of water. Stir the working fluid several times before use.


Tuber treatment should be carried out on the day the solution is prepared.

Tuber processing carried out on the day of preparation of the working solution. Store an aqueous solution of the suspension can not. Sprinkle seed potatoes evenly, occasionally turning it over.

Before planting, it should dry out. The tool forms on the peel a thin, durable film. When putting potatoes in the hole, the film is not sprinkled. The wells must immediately fall asleep ground.

According to reviews of gardeners of the obtained volume (1.4 l) of the solution should be enough 125 tubers. Diluted disinfectant should be used throughout the day. It can not be stored. To prepare a smaller volume of the disinfectant, you can use the cap from the bottle as a measure. It contains 2.5 ml of suspension.

A taboo can lose its effectiveness if the planting material is in the sun for a long time.

Tillage solution during planting

On the field, infected with wireworms, carry out preplant tillage. Prepare a solution of another concentration. For 10 liters of water you need 4 ml of the drug. This volume is enough for processing 1 weave when planting potatoes in the wells or furrows.

One 10 ml vial is sufficient to prepare a 25 l working solution, which can be treated with 2.5 weave of a potato field.

Soil etching

First, prepare the holes (grooves) for landing. The next step is to prepare the required volume of the disinfectant and refill it with the sprayer. Pneumatic garden sprayers, which include a telescopic hose, are easy to use.

For soil dressing it is necessary to use a sprayer with a telescopic armboat
Do not involve children in planting potatoes if you use the drug Taboo.

Solution needs to be processed every well (furrow). Spread the seed potatoes and cover it with earth.

Many gardeners combine the processing of tubers and soil. First, planting material is laid out in the wells, then it is cultivated and the ground at the same time.

Drug description

Taboo - a modern drug, in its composition the active substance imidacloprid (synthetic neonicotinoid) and a number of excipients that contribute to high-quality processing of seed material.

Treated seeds turn red

When processing seed potatoes with a solution of the drug forms a durable coating in the form of a thin filmwhich is not showered after drying, is colored red.

The display helps to control the amount of treated planting material. Raw tubers have a natural color, treated - red.

Provide a comfortable and high-quality processing of the planting material substances included in the emulsion:

  1. Signal dye.
  2. Adhesive.
  3. Antifreeze.
  4. Special dispersants.
  5. Thickener.

Operating principle

Imidacloprid active substance - poison for colorado potato beetle and wireworm. It is a synthetic analogue of natural preparations made on the basis of tobacco.

Imidacloprid - poison for the Colorado potato beetle and wireworm

To reduce the population of the Colorado potato beetle is enough single presowing treatment of planting material. This significantly reduces the time to fight pest.

How long to wait for the impact and the period of protection of potatoes

Tubers treated with the solution absorb imidacloprid. During the growth of potato stalks, he and the juice gets into the leaves and tops.

The period of protective action Taboo on young shoots of potatoes - 45 days.

Act drug begins immediately after landing, and protects the seedlings of potatoes from the first wave of the pest. Colorado potato beetle is less dangerous for robust plants.

How it helps from the Colorado potato beetle and wireworm

Colorado beetles and their larvae feed on young leaves and shoots. Imidacloprid goes into their stomachs along with the sap of the plant. You can observe the poisoning effect after a day. The nervous system of insects is blocked, they die.

Poisoning effect can be observed after a day

Processing holes and tubers when planting protects potato bushes from the larvae of the click beetle (wireworm). Insecticide from planting to harvest scares these larvae from young potato tubers.

Climate and weather conditions do not affect the effect of the drug. It is proven in practice. Taboos were tested against wireworms in different regions and everywhere it proved to be effective.

The tests were carried out in the fields:

  1. Chuvashia.
  2. Udmurtia.
  3. Kaliningrad region.
  4. In outskirts of Moscow.
  5. Leningrad region.

Difference between Taboo and VSK Taboo

Taboo and Taboo VSK

The seed treatment "Taboo" and "Taboo VSK" are produced by the company "August". She specializes in the production of pesticides for agricultural enterprises and personal farms.

Release form - water suspension concentrate. For industrial use packaged in 5 l and 1 l canisters. For summer residents, VSK Taboo is produced in convenient small bottles, the capacity of which is 10 ml. This volume is designed for single use.

In tightly closed canisters, the Taboo disinfectant can be stored for 3 years at an air temperature of -10 ° C / +40 degrees.

Compatible with potato varieties and media

Not all varieties of potatoes can be treated with Taboo disinfectant. Do not recommend processing early ripe varieties. potatoes, in which the term of ripening of root crops is less than the period of action of the insecticide.

Taboo does not have antifungal properties, but it can be combined with some modern fungicides:

  • Vial Trust;
  • Vitaros;
  • Bunker;
Perhaps the combination of taboos and antifungal drug Vitaros

After adding the fungicide, the Taboo solution must be thoroughly mixed. The following preparation to add after final dissolution of the previous means.

Harm to health

For a man, this drug toxic. Preparation of the solution, dressing of tubers, planting of treated seed potatoes should be carried out, taking precautions.

Potatoes to be planted in gloves, to prevent contact of the skin of the hands with the dried preparation.

The necessary protection measures in the preparation and processing of seed potatoes:

  • glasses;
  • respirator;
  • rubber gloves;
  • working clothes covering the skin of the hands and feet.

While working with the drug, do not smoke, do not drink water, do not eat. After finishing, rinse face and hands with soap and water.

Necessary clothes when processing

Signs of poisoning

A careless gardener can get poisoned by working without gloves, a respirator or smoking while working.

See your doctor if a person has the following symptoms:

  • nausea;
  • dizzy;
  • movements are difficult to control.

What is better Prestige or Taboo

To combat the wireworm before the appearance of the insecticide Taboo gardeners used the drug Prestige. It is successfully used now. Potato breeders are actively engaged in discussions about which drug is better.

Prestige drug

The table shows data that help compare the two disinfectants.

Toxicity class33
during processing of potatoes it is necessary to use means of individual protectionYesYes
imidacloprid is found in potatoes dug 60 days after processingNotNot
period of protection from the Colorado potato beetle in days3745
wireworm protection period in daysfrom planting to cleaningfrom planting to cleaning
processing of early potato varietiesNotNot
fungicidal propertiesYesNot
soil treatment before plantingNotYes
stimulates the growth and development of potatoesYesNot
number of treatments11

Taboo protravitel - effectively fights the Colorado potato beetle and wireworm. Compliance with the recommended concentration of the drug in the working solution, harvesting not earlier than 60 days from the date of planting is a guarantee of the safety of potato tubers for human health.