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Description and Characteristics of Red Scarlet Potatoes


The potato variety Red Scarlet was bred in Holland. Tubers are well transported and have good taste and therefore are in great demand among gardeners. Consider the rules of cultivation, description and characteristics of the variety.

Growing a Red Scarlet variety

To get great harvests of red Scarlet potato, you need to be well acquainted with the agrotechnics of cultivation.

How to prepare seed potatoes for planting

To prepare the tubers for planting, tubers are vernalized, that is, one month must be kept in the light. Tubers intended for planting taken out of storage to light in a warm place and laid out in boxes in a single layer. Suitable room with a temperature of 16 degrees Celsius.

After vernalization, potatoes are laid out in boxes.

Ensure that there is light in the room, as without it, dense sprouts with a violet hue will not form.

To sprouts grow evenly, the tubers once a week should be turned. If the room temperature is high, the variety is sometimes sprayed with water from a small dispenser.

Potatoes prepared for planting have sprouts in 3 cm., Sprouts are stocky. Large tubers are cut into pieces so that so that each part has a good sprout.

So that Red Scarlet, which is sliced ​​for planting, does not start to rot immediately after planting, the tubers are dried for 5 days and only after they start planting.

Planting potatoes

A feature of the landing is planting in high ridges. This method showed high yields of tubers from one bush. When planting in the ridges is to make nitrogen fertilizers, which will contribute to a good build-up of the vegetative mass of the bush.

Nitrogen fertilizer for potatoes

Also in the hole is to add 250 grams. ashes, after which the tubers spread sprouts up. Hole dug out within 8 cm. After planting, crests up to 12 cm high are formed above the potatoes.

Planted tubers according to the scheme 70x35 cm.

Basic care after landing

When the first sprouts appear, they should be tucked up, bringing the comb to 20 cm. If after the growing bushes will have an elongated decaying shape of the bush, this will mean that it is worthwhile to pile up.

Watering in the absence of rain must be carried out three times per growing season:

  1. Until flowering.
  2. During flowering.
  3. One week after the potato has faded.

If, at the time of cultivation, such a pest is noticed, like the Colorado potato beetle, it will be necessary to get rid of it with the help of fungicides or to pry it off by hand, removing orange eggs from the underside of the leaf plate.

Feeding is carried out three times during the summer season. The first one is introduced one month after planting the tubers with a complex nitrogen-potassium supplement.

If the tops grow beautiful and green, in feedings grade does not need.

The second dressing is introduced during flowering, and the third after a week after flowering. That is, top dressing always coincides with the mandatory watering. Fertilizers are applied only after watering.

Basic information about the variety

In order to sort out large quantities of various varieties and choose the best one for yourself, you should get acquainted with the description of the variety as best you can.

Description of Red Scarlet

The peel of the variety is rather thin and has a pink color. The skin is smooth to the touch. Eyes occasionally located on the surface, 1 mm deep.

When sprouts begin to grow in the light, they have a purple hue at the base. When cut the flesh has a white or slightly yellowish tint.

In the process of cooking the flesh does not change color.

The shape of the tuber is oval-elongated and almost all tubers are aligned in shape and size. The weight of individual tubers in a bush ranges from 80 to 120 grams. there are also larger tubers up to 150 grams, which is quite rare.

Red Scarlet's tubers are not particularly large.

These large tubers form becomes irregular and different from the bulk. The starch content is 10-16% and therefore the potato is almost never boiled soft during the cooking process.

Number of tubers in one bush can fluctuate from 15 to 20 pieces. Since their formation in the bush passes almost simultaneously, then the size is almost the same.

The height of the bush quickly formed and has stems of medium thickness. The variety blooms with red-violet flowers. The sheet plates are dark green in color and slightly wavy on the edges.

Characteristic variety

It is not easy to choose a place for a variety: it is grown in the central and southern regions of Russia, here it shows a high yield. He is suitable not hot and humid climate. If the region is set to a large heat, the tubers planted in the ridges need to water more oftento keep moisture in the ground.

When planting in the wells need to add potash.

Potash fertilizer for potatoes

The characteristic yield of Scarlet depends on the region of growth. In some, you can get 45 tons per hectare, but there are abundant yields when it is 60 tons per hectare. Since the tubers contain a large amount of amino acids and various minerals and vitamins, the taste qualities are at a good level.

This is an early ripe variety and young tubers can be dug 65 days after planting. Table variety and potatoes can be used as for cooking and fryingbecause the sliced ​​tuber keeps its shape well and does not fall apart.

Cooking tip: Red Scarlet is suitable for cooking chips and french fries.

When growing a variety, it should be remembered that it has 6.5 points on the drought tolerance scale. Therefore, if in the region during the flowering period there is no rain, plantings need timely watering.

Primingwhere culture grows should be looseso that moisture penetrates well to the root system.

Growing rules

Even if the variety is resistant to adverse environmental conditions, it still needs the necessary care, otherwise there will be no good harvest.

Red Scarlett is planted in May, when the earth warms up well and the seedlings can be seen in two weeks.

Tip for growing: if seed potatoes are few, then tubers can be divided in such a way that in each part there are eyes, of which the bush will later develop.

Tubers are planted according to the 70 x 35 cm scheme. The first shoots can be seen after 14 days, but if in the region at this point there are return frost shoots may linger for a week.

After sprouting for potatoes, care is required for 60 days, after which you can start digging new potatoes.

Useful qualities

Some people believe that in tubers there is nothing more than starch and therefore should not be eaten. But this is far from the case. Contain tubers:

  1. Vitamins of group A.
  2. Vitamins of group B.
  3. Vitamins of group C.
  4. Vitamins H and PP.
The saturation of a variety with vitamins makes it beneficial for humans

Therefore, if the human body is deprived of these vitamins, then in time there will be a noticeable lack of these vitamins.

Use potatoes need in moderationand not eat tubers around the clock.

Storage rules and features

This variety has a high keeping rate, but in order to preserve the tubers until the next harvest, it is necessary to create certain conditions at the storage sites. These conditions, above all, have:

  • Basement;
  • Warm drawers on the balcony;
  • Specially equipped pits.

Follow up so that the chosen place does not freeze in winter, otherwise the potato will lose its taste and begin to deteriorate. The upper limit of the temperature should not rise above +5 degrees.

You can store, folding potatoes in vegetable boxes, bags. The main thing is to get air to the potatoes. Also in the storage areas should be no daylight, so that the potatoes do not germinate and do not turn green.

Disease resistance

The variety is well resistant to various diseases and pests:

  1. Potato nematode.
  2. Raku.
  3. Virus A.
  4. Yn or PVYn virus.
Concerning diseases the variety is medium resistant to scab and late blight sometimes arising on the leaves. And late blight tuber never happens.

Features agrotehnika

To entrust large potato yields, it is worth fulfilling some of the requirements for planting and care:

  • When planting, it is not possible to reduce the distance between plantings of potatoes in order to save;
  • Plant in high ridges and do not forget about timely watering and loosening;
  • The area allotted for planting should be sunny;
  • Timely water and feed the planting.

Potatoes early, and dropping off, Do not rush to the terms of landing in open ground. The beginning of June is also like - then at the end of August you will get a wonderful harvest that will be stored all winter and will serve as an excellent side dish for meat and fish dishes.